Northwest; CADS Students Called To Carve A Niche, Stand Out In Field Of Practice.

By Nubeh Nai Vonna

Some Communication And Development Studies (CADS) students of the State University of Bamenda, benefiting practical experience have been encouraged to carve a niche and challenge themselves to stand out, in the mist of criticisms from the outside world.

CADS Students at the training

This encouragement was aired during a one day capacity building on ‘story development’ Friday July 16 2021, organized by Draufsicht Bamenda.

The call was championed by Mrs. Sylvia Bih, a journalist who attended the workshop. She charged student journalists to challenge themselves, ask questions, be creative, and be a catalyst for people to talk, for their reward would certainly come in a long run.

Constant practice she says, is the secret to success and greatness for both journalists and students in the field.

“Journalism is a curve that when you don’t do regularly, you forget it. So when we have opportunities of this nature to rekindle our minds, bring us back to speed, broaden our minds, open our horizons, and instill in us new ideas, I think it’s very plaudable”.

CADS students were also tikled into knowing the type of journalists and communicators they would become, thanks to the numerous trainings they’ve had in the field of communication.

Bih Sylvia equally reveals that, the unique opportunity of studying and practicing was rare in the past.

“We had just our internships to rely on. But you have the opportunity to practice and study at once. Please take it serious”.

Her call comes in response to a public demoralization of CADS students and their learning institution on the social media, by a so-called journalist, an act she refers to as ‘destructive criticism’.

She concluded by instilling in them reasons to fight those who run-down their initiatives and make mockery of their learning institutions, by being outstanding, good, and use the power of their education to stand out.

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