Cameroon; PENASED To Empower 3000 Youth

By Sandrine M.
Pentecostal Advocates for Socio Economic Development, PENASED has made known its plan to empower at least 3000 young people in the next five years.

Pillars of PENASED

The organisation says this vision is in line with the head of state’s declaration from the podium of the United Nations Extraordinary General Assembly in May 2002. The President of the republic, Paul Biya stated that “there are no human causes more worthy than the defense and promotion of the rights and future of children”.

To this effect, PENASED intends to promote access to inclusive, equitable and quality education at lower costs, guaranteeing access to descent jobs.

Speaking to the Programmes Assistant, Ketchatang Paul, he says PENASED is concerned in the empowerment of minorities and marginalised children.

PENASED Programmes Assistant, Ketchatang Paul

“Knowing the principle that education is a fundamental right of every individual, PENASED, in favor of internally displaced children, children from minorities and other socially marginalized children such as albinos, intends to work towards promoting access to a violence-free, healthy, inclusive, equitable and equal education.”

Paul added that PENASED hopes to improve on the professional skills of the children.

“PENASED hopes to contribute in the improvement of professional skills, especially for vulnerable youth, in order to have access to decent and, if possible, well-paid jobs.”

“In this sense, PENASED in its vision for the next 5 years, intends to impact the lives of at least 3000 children.” Paul concluded.

The non governmental organisation also intends to have children benefit from scholarship opportunities as Ketchstang Paul added.

“We intend make children benefit from national and international scholarship opportunities whenever possible and through partnerships.”

One of the participants during PENASED’s recent training on photography

PENASED, had previously empowered several young boys and girls in different areas of speciality including soap making, cooking and recently photography where over 100 youth were equipped with photography skills through the organisation. These are just some amongst the many vocational training the centre has offered underprivileged youth. No doubt one of their pillars is “Entrepreneurship for wealth creation”.

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