Structural Changes At PENASED; Pillars Redefined For More Service To Humanity

By Sandrine M.

There has been some structural changes in the Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), PENASED, Pentecostal Advocates for Socio Economic Development. These changes were made during a three days seminar that was held at the organisation’s head office in Superete Yaounde.

PENASED team during three days seminar

“It was a three days seminar to review the core documents, strategic and operational plan of PENASED.” Wato Joseph, PENASED’s Executive Director told Insight244.

According to the body governing the organisation, there is always a need to redefine an organisation as demands change.

PENASED Executive Director, Wato Joseph

It was important for us to update our documents for us to be in line with the funders requirements”. Wato Joseph added.

Amongst the activities during the training was redefining the pillars of the organisation. To this effect, some slight changes were made. Initially, the organisation operated under the banner; Maternal and Child Health Care, Quality Education and Vocational Training, Fight Against Poverty and Social Inclusion. However, after deliberations during the meeting, these pillars were redefined as the Programs Assistant, Kegoum Ketchatang Paul explained.

“During the seminar, we looked at the strategic plan. We changed some of the pillars. This is to help the organisation to be able to have a wider scope of operation. From the previous, we came up with the following adjustments; Community health, Education, Green Economy and Social Inclusion.”

The restructuring will enable the organisation to be more open to receiving more projects that will go a long way to improve on humanity”. Paul added.

The three days reinforcement program was equally aimed at helping the newly recruited volunteers to better understand the functioning of the organisation.

The recently integrated Administrative Assistant, Anwi Denise talked of how impactful the seminar was to her. “I am so happy because I am going to understand the structure better. I was able to know more about PENASED before my integration and it will go a long way to guide me through my work while hoping to add my knowledge in taking the organisation futher.”

It is hoped that the recent innovations in the structure of the organisation will go a long way to enable them engage in activities geared towards the betterment of humanity.

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