Rv. Richard Apongnde, To Lead CBC Bamenda Field For 4yrs

By Nubeh Nai Vonna

The Rev. Richard Apongnde is new field pastor of the Cameroon Baptist Convention CBC Bamenda field, following his induction ceremony which took place Sunday October 17 2021 at CBC Church Nkwen Bamenda.

Within a 4-year mandate renewable once, he will mastermind the affairs of the Nkwen, Awing, Santa and Pinyin associations of the Bamenda field, embodying over 70 churches and about 12,000 Christians.

During his induction ceremony, Rev. Apongnde made known his vision of fostering the evangelism ministry within and without the church.

“I laid down a strategic plan for the field that has several axes, one of which is mission and evangelism which has to do with infrastructural development, also financial mobilization and usage because Bamenda field is a very vast field, and very old but also very engaged in different parts of mission…”

Likewise christians, leaders and representatives of the health, education and evangelism institutions of the CBC Bamenda field, have pledged their support, respect and loyalty to the newly inducted field pastor, while wishing him well in his journey at the helm of the Bamenda field.

“I wish Rev Richard the strength to carry out his task and may God give him wisdom to do what he has for him and I also expect him to work with his fellow pastors and associates in order to build the Bamenda field and spread God’s love” a christian remarks.

It should be noted that the Rev. Richard Apongnde is the 9th field pastor to man the affairs of the Bamenda field and has been charged to remain strong and steadfast, while upholding justice in leading God’s people, even in these times of conflict.

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