Mezam SDO Lifts Ban On Circulation Of Motor Bikes In Bali

By Nubeh Nai Vonna

The Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam Division, Simon Emile Mooh has lifted the ban placed on the circulation of commercial bikes in Bali Nyonga sub-division.

This is contained in a release dated Tuesday October 19 2021 and signed by the SDO for Mezam, stating clearly that the 3 months ban prohibiting the movement of commercial bikes in the Bali area has been dissolved.

According to the release, the prefectorial order is effective from the date of signature and copies the divisional officer for Bali, the company commander of the gendermie in Bali, the commissioner of the Bali police station and the commissioner of the special branch police station.

“…the ban prohibiting the circulation of motor bikes in Bali Sub-Division, North West Region for a period of three (3) months sanctioned by Prefectoral order No 436/P.O/E.26/ALPAS of July 2021 is hereby uplifted.” Part of the release reads.

Reacting to the lifting of the ban, a Bali road user celebrates the SDO’s move.

” In as much as boarding a bike is not safe now in the whole of Bamenda, I still think the role they play in the society cannot be underestimated. That is why I want to celebrate the SDO for Mezam bc many will get back their jobs and users can now get to their door steps or other remote areas in Bali using bikes” she stated

It should be recalled that, the prefectorial degree No 436/P.O/E.26/ALPAS of 20th July 2021, prohibited the circulation of bikes in Bali within a 3months time bound renewable, following the murder of 5 police officers in an ambush by the non state armed group.

Given that motor bikes are the main mode of transportation in Bali and the whole of Mezam, it’s prohibition on circulation was aimed at mitigating violent atrocities of non state armed groups, facilitated by motor bikes.

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