PENASED Gains More Steam After Three Days Seminar In Ebolowa

By Sandrine M.
Staff of PENASED, Pentecostal Advocates for Socio Economic Development are more determined and prepared to serve humanity after holding an in house seminar that lasted three days out of Yaounde.

Staff of PENASED

According to the Executive Director of the organisation, Wato Joseph, it was important to have a seminar away from the base so as to give room for more insightful thoughts.

“We organised this activity out of Yaounde to spur better inputs.”

Wato Joseph, Executive Director, PENASED

The seminar which was held in Ebolowa, South Region of Cameroon aimed at helping the staff and members of the executive bureau review some of the internal core documents of the organisation.

“The workshop was to update the organisation’s documents. If you want to succeed, you need a solid baseline. It is important to review the documents of the organisation to make it be in line with the SDGs.” The Director added.

The Administrative Assistant, Anwi Denise Dollise expressed her satisfaction after the seminar.

PENASED Administrative Assistant, Anwi Denise Dollise

“The seminar helped me in knowing some of the internal rules governing the organization and as such I could benefit in some decisions taken inorder to validate documents.”

The Resource Mobilization and Partership Officer, Joel Duclair who presented on the revision of the status and internal regulations of the organisation talked of the importance of this exercise.

PENASED Resource Mobilization and Partership Officer, Joel Duclair

“The need was to align these documents with the new vision of the organization, which responds more to the dynamics underway and whose vision is in line with the principles of operation of modern organizations with future ambitions. Today, PENASED is better organized and its sustainability is guaranteed with regard to the quality of the contents of its statutes and the objectives that it has set.”

The Program Assistant, Kegoum Paul on his part talked of the importance of this seminar to his team.

PENASED Program Assistant, Kegoum Paul

“This workshop serves as a mid-term stop to evaluate what has been achieved so far and a springboard to better project ourselves in the missions that are ours for the next three months, before the end of the year.”

He added that it served as a wake up call to the staff.

“It was some kind of an electroshock for the staff, especially those in charge of the pillars who have not yet illustrated themselves in concrete proposals of activities, especially in the field.”

To this effect, Paul urged his colleagues to put efforts together in giving more output and visibility to the organisation.

“Together as a team, we should establish or re-establish contacts with partners and identify needs for actions to increase the visibility of PENASED.”

The Non governmental organisation, PENASED currently has over 500 IDPs registered under them and has trained hundreds of youth in vocational skills amongst others.

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