NW Region: Six PCC Dignitries Inducted Into Office, Charged To Preach Peace

By Nubeh Nai Vonna

Six dignitaries of the Presbyterian church have been inducted into their respective offices in the Mezam Presbytery, North West Region.

Newly inducted officials seated in front of the congregation

The new shepherds to man the lords vineyard include, Rv. Veumo Zacheous-Regional Secretary for Lay Training and Evangelism, Rev. Chekai Jonathan-Director Church Center, Rev. Shey Vitalis-Youth Pastor Northwest Region, Bingwa Destiny-Regional Secretary Women’s Work Department, Gemnda Emmanuel-Regional Communication Secretary and Wuyo Lawrence-Youth Warden Kumbo.

The induction ceremony took place on Sunday October 24 2021 at PC Ntamulung, and was officiated by the PCC Secretary Committee of the Ministry Rev. Emmanuel Bassam Masok.

Drawing inspiration from Mark 9:14-29 with theme ‘pray and fast for your deliverance’ Rev. Emmanuel charged the inducted to preach peace and nothing more amidst the socio political crisis in the country.

He adds that “Christ is the only one who can truly help us in this crisis time”

Gemnda Emmanuel is Regional Communication Secretary who doubles as manager of CBS radio Bamenda. He says in tough moments like these, he relies on God’s grace.

Gemnda Emmanuel, newly inducted Regional Communication Secretary

“I feel challenged to carry out my tasks during this period of crisis in the NWR. However I am motivated by God’s grace which assures me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I advocate for peace Journalism and conflict sensitive reporting or communication. Team spirit and passion for work will propel me in office to push the vision of the PCC and enable the voiceless have a voice to the glory of God”.

The service was graced with the presence of some religious, civil and traditional authorities, together with over 2000 christians from different denominations, who came out to celebrate the inducted officials.

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