South West: Saturday Classes Prohibited in Fako

By Sandrine M.
The Divisional Delegate of Fako, Dr Njie Martin Esongo has issued a release that reiterates on the prohibition of Saturday classes in the division.

“…I have the honour to inform all Principals/Proprietors of colleges that no clearance has been received from hierarchy authorising the holding of Saturday classes, hence her Excellency, the Minister of Secondary Education’s stance on this issue has not changed”. A portion of the release reads.

The delegate furthered by calling on school authorities to respect this declaration.

“…All Principals/Proprietors of colleges in Fako Division are enjoined to respect this order so as to avert any reprehensible reaction from hierarchy”.

To this effect, he encouraged them to rather organise online classes to meet up with school programs.

“Alternatively, Principals are encouraged to organise online classes in order to fill the pedagogic gap created by the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic and the socio-political crisis”.

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