Camraise Academy Awards 39 Talents In Bamenda

By Nubeh Nai Vonna

The 3rd edition of the Camraise academy award 2021 to promote talents of young Cameroonians based in Bamenda saw the light of day despite the difficulties encountered before and during the event.

Invitees at the CAMACA Award Ceremony

A total of 39 persons and groups carefully selected, were celebrated for their unique impact to the society. They included some 8 fellows in the movie categogy, 10 in music category, 10 from other works of life and 11 special awards.

The award ceremony took place Sunday October 31 2021 at the Franco Alliance hall Vertinary junction Bamenda, and was graced by the presence of hundreds who showed up to celebrate talents born from Bamenda.

Chutio Kouamo Arnaud is CEO of Camraise Academy. He rejoices over the success of the event despite the numerous challenges recorded.

“First of all I want to thank God for strength. Towards the preparations for CAMACA, we had a lot of disappointments that even as a team at one point wanted to stop. Talking about difficulties in finance, we do not have any sponsor. What we have here is from an individual pucket. The resources are not there to actually do a grand award but I think the motivations were more than these difficulties”.

Chutio Kouamo Arnaud, handing award to representatives of the PCC Peace Office

He adds that “Our wish is those who have received an award should not go and sleep on it. It should act as a motivation because their fans will be expecting a lot from them. They should work hard and prove that the juries and popular votes didn’t go out for nothing”.

Amongst the many who bagged home an award is Anyam Yvette, celebrated as best art promoter In Bamenda.

Anyam Yvette

“I’m very happy to be awarded the best arts promoter for the CAMACA 2021 edition. This award is like a dream come true because people voted for me massively and I believe it’s out of consistency and the passion I have for arts. So This award is like a stepping stone for me to keep up with promoting arts in the North West region” She says.

Like Yvette, PCC Peace Office received a special award for promoting peace in Cameroon

“We want to thank God for this wonderful honor. The PCC is a key player when it comes to the issue of peace in Cameroon and the Rev. Nta William (PCC Peace Coordinator NWR) has been very instrumental” Rev. Asah Peter Ashu, Moderator’s representative for the North West region.

Meanwhile other catheteries such as; best video director, best panafrican music, best gospel artist, best music producer and over 30 others, were also acknowledged and encouraged to keep building their talents because ‘best Cameroonian talents are born in Bamenda’.

Camraise academy was founded in 2013 with the purpose of identifying and moulding talents from the grass hoods. The CAMACA Award is a part of the academy with aim to recognize the work of individuals and groups in the society and bring them to the lamplight.

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