Cameroon: GCF and DHF Empower Pregnant and Nursing Teenagers/Adolescents on Baking

Grace Chin Foundation (GCF) in partnership with Destiny Hearts Foundation (DHF) yesterday began a journey of a thousand miles by training some 100 pregnant teenage girls and adolescent mothers on some skills they can use to easily make some money to take care of themselves and their children.

The two days training at Mile 16, located in Fako division, South West region of Cameroon rounds off today 11th November.
The first set of young mothers successfully completed their session yesterday as they learnt how to bake cakes and doughnuts, the next set are taking on other activities that they believe will help empower them to be better mothers to their babies.

“When I saw the letter put up by GCF on training young girls on baking, I saw it very encouraging and together with my team we decided that DHF partners with them to empower these teenage and adolescent pregnant girls/mothers. It has not been easy raising the finds but we hope to get more support as we go on with this journey. We believe that giving to others is not a sign of plenty but a prove of loving one’s neighbour as ourselves.” Sandrine Moma, Coordinator of DHF told Insight244.

“You can join us by partnering so we reach out to many more teenage pregnant girls and adolescent mothers. Humanity always comes first.” Mary Jane, President of GCF remarked.

You can call or text 679-921-342 for futher inquiries

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