Is Making a Sex-tape Necessary?

Sandrine M.

Hi everyone, you are welcome to the first edition of A Talk With Sandi. On this Column, we shall be discussing social issues as well as profiling people.

On today’s edition, we have as topic “Is Making a Sex Tape Necessary?”

In the past few months, the sex tapes of some prominent persons have gone viral on different social media platforms. Recently, it was that of Popular Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage and Cameroonian footballer, Enganamouit Gaelle. To this effect, many people have been asking if making a sex tape is necessary in the first place. Sandi had a talk with some people and put together the following.

“I say no to sex tape. A tape that is sweet at the moment and full of fantacies turns to be a public nightmare. I don’t know who can get hold of my phone and do a quick transfer just to destroy your image. so blind sex is preferable” Shelby Jones told Sandi.

“Making a sex tape is not necessary except you are a commercial sex worker or sex actor but if not I don’t see why you have to make a sex tape on something which is supposed to be private.” Queenete said.

“It is very necessary to watch and see how your faces were while in action and to rate how good you were. Reasons for the tape”. Vitalis said while responding to Sandi.

“The times I did a sex tape, I enjoyed watching it with my partner afterwards and it gave us a strange excitement that made doing again super enjoyable. We then deleted it together. it’s necessary if you are in a very enjoyable relationship that is built on mutual respect for each other’s pride, integrity and dignity and above all on trust.” Another interviewee who requested anonymity told Sandi.

“Personal sex tapes are more exciting than the most explicit porn videos.” Gifted explained.

While some people think its totally out of question, to others, making a sex tape it’s just ok. However, with the numerous sex tapes being released and trending on social media, one can only suggest that people be more careful on the types of adventures they get into. With the advent of new social media applications like WhatsApp, and Instagram, information goes viral within the twinkle of an eye.

Whatever the reason an individual might have as to why he or she should make a sex tape, I think they should equally think of the effects if it goes viral and take necessary precautions. We are humans and we can’t say for sure that we can be 100% careful. CAUTION is all I can say as we go about our different activities.

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