Bamenda: Structures Set Alight In Mbengwi Road, Many Go Homeless, Businesses Crumble

By Vonna Nai

Some denizens of Mbengui Road in Bamenda have lost their homes and businesses to flames after several structures were set alight in the said locality.

The pathetic incident which left many fleeing into the bushes for safety, happened during the evening hours of Wednesday December 8 2021 at the Mbengui Road.

According to videos making rounds on social media, accusing fingers are directed to men in military attire, who are believed to have consciously initiated the fire in the said locality.

Remains from shops razed down

Amongst the many casualties recorded were teenagers. Homes and business structures were equally destroyed in the process.

“They burnt down my sister’s house. Before now, the house in Bafut, Babungo Ndop was burnt and now this one at Mbengwi road… They just want make we all go rent nor”. Victim laments while speaking to Insight244.

Screenshot extracted from Wednesday’s fire incident

Aside Mbengui Road, hospital roundabout in Bamenda also soccumed to flames that consumed several shops leaving many to lament on what could possibly be the way farward.

Photo Credit: Dray Info

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