North West: DDR Centre Inmates Beat Administrators in Football Tournament

A football tournament for peace has been held in the North West Region as part of activities marking the celebration of the 56th edition of the National Youth Day in Cameron.

The tournament which was between the Ex Fighters of the DDR (Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintergration) Centre NW and the NW Administration ended in favour of the ex fighters.

During the regular time of play, both teams earned a goal. However, during the penalties extension, the lions of DDR earned 2 goals while the local administrators missed all their balls.

Holding at the Bamenda military stadium, the tournament was officially opened by a representative of the Mayor to the Bamenda City Council. During his welcome address the Mayor’s representative said he hopes that the youth take their responsibility to become leaders of this nation.

Equally addressing the population before the start of the tournament was the Regional Coordinator of the DDR Centre for the North West, Kum Henry who urged that the Centre gets a new image, different from what prevailed in the past.

“Let the picture of the DDR be a new picture…where they are sure of a future in this country”. Henry said.

The Economic Commissioner for the North West Regional Assembly, Hon. Kejung Awunti while speaking at the event, said it was an opportunity to acknowledge those who have laid down arms and welcome peace.

During the event, the “dodging sport” was equally presented, a sporting activity which hopes to be given recognition amongst other prominent sports.

At the end of the event, Mbiga Felix, Mayor of Bamenda I who doubles as the President for FECAFOOT, NW, earned the title of best player for the local Administrators while Ngalla Divine earned the title of Best player for the DDR Lions.

The Coordinator for the DDR Centre talked of the importance of the victory to the inmates.

“It is a win to the state, it is a win to the North West and a win to the process of peace in the region. We should not look at the physical football practice per say but the message behind this match. The erroneous opinion people had of the inmates is not who they are. They are people who dropped their arms and they are sorry and are praying that the society should accept them back. They are showing the society that they are ready to be reintergrated”.

The 56th edition of the Youth Day Celebration in Cameroon is holding under the theme “Youth and Voluntary Participation in the Major Challenges of Cameroon”.

February 11th was chosen to commemorate the referendum that took place on that day in 1961 which reunited two fractions of Cameroon who were under different colonial masters as one country. Since 1966, Youth Day has been a public holiday in the country.

Sporting activities, debates, traditional dances are amongst activities in prelude to the celebration of this day while on the day proper, march pass is the main activity. It is usually a day for institutions and organisations to bring their establishments to the lamplight.

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