North West Region: Reconstruction of schools Priority as MINEDUB Launches 2022 budgetary year

The 2022 budgetary year for the North West Regional Delegation of Basic Education has been launched. The ceremony that took place on Thursday March 16th in Bamenda was closely followed by a workshop to drill the stakeholders involved on how to effectively manage this year’s budget.

In an opening address, the representative of the Governor urged that the various stakeholders concerned ensure that they evaluate the execution of last year’s budget so as to know where to ameliorate.

“…Just as we launched that of last year, have you tried at your level to evaluate the execution of last year’s budget? Such evaluation is very important in human life because it is after evaluation that you can improve on your performance.”

According to the Regional Delegate of Basic Education, Wilfred Wambeng Ndong, the destruction of infrastructures has been one of the major challenges they faced last year. To this effect, he said that the reconstruction of school facilities will be of outmost importance should they want to relaunch education as before the crisis.

Regional Delegate, Basic Education

“We have had alot of infrastructures that have been destroyed in the region by the crisis we understand that there will be a few construction of classrooms, toilets and fences around schools in the region. I think that is priority.”

“Some schools have been turned to secessionist camps.” He added.

The MINEDUB team lead from Yaounde, Mbuouh Thomas outlined the purpose of the workshop in his presentation.

“This seminar is aimed at presenting innovations of the 2022 state budget, laying down the implementation modalities for government nursery, primary and practicing schools.”

He equally said that the training was to help in optimising the execution of the Public investment budget, and appropriating the new nomenclature of the state budget by the actors of budgetary share amongst others.

The team lead furthered that this year’s budgetary execution will witness several innovations.

“We have many innovations especially the new nomenclature of the budget. We are now trying to give more responsibilities to various heads of structures to manage the means of the state. We want to avoid a loss of those means. That implies everybody at their own level will be responsible in the management of the means of the state”.

He added that statistics and other information is expected to automatically come from the villages where those means are sent up to the level of the state so that there can be proper evaluation of the work done.

The budget for the ministry of Basic Education for the 2022 financial year stands at 244billion FCFA while that of the North West Regional Delegation of Basic Education stands at 260million FCFA.

Sandrine M.

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