UNESCO Selects, Trains 20 Bloggers On Post Covid 19 Resilience

By Judithpride N.

Twenty bloggers in Cameroon have benefited knowledge from United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, on how to deal with hate speech, fake news and disinformation around the Covid 19 pandemic in Cameroon.

This was during a one day workshop that held at UNESCO’s headquarters in Yaounde, on May 5 2022. The workshop had as preoccupation to ameliorate bloggers content around Covid 19.

According to some bloggers, their experiences around covid 19 coverages weren’t easy given the random myths and infodemic around the deadly pandemic.

Amongst the many reports gathered from the field, “people kicked against the Covid 19 vaccine because they believe the black race is resistant to the pandemic. Some vehemently refused to put on their face masks with excuses of sophocating and not breathing normally with face masks” confesses a blogger.

Schouame Cyrille-Chief of Service for Broadcast of Cultural Enterprise at MINPEESA, reminded these bloggers of their skills and capabilities in the domain of Cameroon’s economy.
“Jobs should be created as entrepreneurs especially for women and youthts to fight against poverty. This will facilitate the emergence of Cameroon come 2035” He stated

He furthers that “Make the audience see the need for Cameroon to reduce the rate of importations. Rice, papers, chocolate, bananas should be made and consumed in Cameroon rather than importing. Even military materials are imported whereas SODECOTTON can produce all of those” Cyrille Schouame

Meanwhile, Nathalie Yakan épse Barga, Assistant Research Officer at the Ministry of Youths Affairs and Civic Education told the trainees to impact especially the youths who are the vibrant population worth building a better and bigger society.

“The youths should construct the country because they are energetic, they should initiate dialogues, love and respect one another’s culture, be provided with good information from government offices and be encouraged to have the spirit of citizenship and patriotism” she becons

In addition, ABC Bloggers’ president advised bloggers to avoid citizen journalism.
“Don’t be a micro-blogger who can tweet or post unverified information on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp. Don’t share because you are asked to, think before you click, avoid fake news and hate speech, don’t be a noisemaker and an activist in the name of blogging” He warns

It should be noted that UNESCO is partnering with; ABC Bloggers, the ministry of Small and Medium Size Enterprise (MINPEESA), ministry of Youths Affairs and Civic Education (MINJEC), to bring together bloggers

These 20 bloggers were drawn from seven regions notably; Northwest, Southwest,Litoral,Adamawa,East, West and Center regions of Cameroon. They were charged to be unbiased and factual in their reports, for peace to be reinstated in Cameroon.

One comment

  1. This is impressive I want to personally thank the UNESCO community for bringing this initiative because there has been a lot of misinformation out there by fake bloggers and media let out . I love my country Cameroon, I believe in nation building. Let’s come together in peace and build our country . Long live the presidency long live Cameroon


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