Yaounde: Woman Beats, Injures, Daughter for Poor School Performance

By Sandrine M.

A lady, resident at the Mimboman quarter in Yaounde, Centre Region has sent her daughter out of the house after seriously beating her for not performing well in school.

The 11year old after being thrown out of the house

According to our source, she found the young girl sitting naked with bruises over her body, in front of her gate today June 11, at about 4pm while she drove out with her husband. This young girl aged 11, said her mother had beaten her “mercilessly”, inflicting her with wounds for not performing well in school. Her mother had equally cut part of her hair for the same reason and sent her out of the house insisting that she doesn’t want to stay with the child any longer.

The 11 year old added that it is not the first time her mother is beating her up that way. She said her mother beats her at the slightest opportunity including for issues like allowing it to rain on her.

The woman in question stays with her boyfriend and this her 11 years old daughter. Residents of the area say it is feared the said boyfriend might have been violating this young girl.

Our source added that she had taken this child to the gendarmerie for a statement, then to the hospital where she is being attended to.

The child had just earned a promotion to form 2 before meeting this reaction from her mother.

More updates later.

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