GIDICom Seals Deal with Meta to Implement My Digital World Project

By sandrime M.

Global Initiative for Digital Inclusion, GIDICom has sealed a deal with Meta (formerly Facebook) to implement the My Digital World Project in the NW/SW Regions of Cameroon.

GIDICom’s Executive Director, Pedmia Shatu represented the organization at the launch of the @Meta My Digital World Project at Yaoundé Hilton Hotel, this June 23.

The digital literacy and wellness forum was a platform for stakeholders from government, private sector, NGOs, and educators to discuss ways of promoting and ensuring online safety and digital literacy in Cameroon.

The Digital Literacy Forum was equally designed as an opportunity to connect with various policy and industry stakeholders to discuss the shared responsibility to promote digital literacy and combat issues such as misinformation, hate speech, bullying and harassment, and more.

GIDICom’s Executive Director, Pedmia Shatu

In one of the days panel moderated by GIDICom’s Executive Director on “Digital Literacy for safe and Responsible use of Digital platforms among youths” panelists shared best practices and experiences in using the digital media positively for social change and as a stepping stone for their career path.

My Digital World provides accessible learning modules and resources to build skills for a digital world. Through My Digital World, Meta is reaching learners across the region and shaping the Sub-Saharan digital community for the better. The lessons are designed for students aged 13-18 years old. The curriculum is designed with step-by-step instructions for teachers of students in this age range. These lessons are drawn from the resources of several expert partners with experience designing content and curriculum.

For the next 6 months, GIDICom, Digital Access and Positive Youths Africa will run the Mon Univers Digital / My Digital World in Cameroon. GIDICom will cover the two English speaking regions of Cameroon with a goal to reach 1000 Cameroonians targeting youths, parents, journalists, teachers, community leaders, etc

The project launched by the Secretary General at the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications Mr. Mohamadou Saoudi.

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