Sucess Stories Behind Some Cameroonian Female Journalists

By Judithpride N.

Some Female Journalists have met to discuss on their experiences while pursuing their career.

These discussions were raised during an after work hookup held in Bastos, Yaounde capital on May 6th 2022.

These women were brought together by defyhatenow in commemoration of this year World Press Freedom Day

Women who have worked for over 28 years in this profession like Marie Françoise Ewolo and Dora Shey of the Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV), shared their rough but sweet journeys through their career as journalists

Marie Françoise Ewolo of the National Radio presenter of the 1pm news magazine told the ladies of her good and bad moments as a journalist.

“As young as below 20 years,I started as a journalist at the radio, all they assigned me to do was parking of papers for over six months that I became bored and felt like leaving” she said.

The veteran journalist said she was later asked to start writing news brief but it was not easy because her producer at the time was never satisfied.” All my briefing were twisted just in front of me and thrashed”.

She explained that she never gave up but started learning how to present the news starting with the 1PM newscast in French.

She furthered that the State later sent Marie to France for more training on journalism and when she returned, she was sent to the radio to continue presenting the 1pm news magazine.

Later on, she was appointed Chief of services and her other female colleagues became envious and created Enmity and distances among them.

“Despite the ups and downs,I worked humbly hard and never gave up till date, you have the power as a woman and don’t try to copy,do what you know best and you will be sited among the best”.Marie Ewolo told the ladies

Similarly, Dora Shey, chief editor at CRTV, shared her experiences as a news editor to be a tough one because everything a prominent does or where he/she goes,has to be on air and in a manner that will please them.”It was really not easy to be at the political desk but I won a prize in this domain”

“The politicians tell you what to say in your story, don’t argue them and when you go back to the newsroom,write what you judge right for the public” Dora advised.

She furthered challenged the women that the secret of professionalism lies in their contents.So they need to be tactful and do more research because there are professors and presidents following them on the Media.

Pochi Tamba Nsoh of CRTV also spoke during the gathering. According to her, being a girl or woman in Cameroon is very difficult and being a journalist is tougher.

Pochi concluded by telling the women that they can make a difference in the Cameroon media landscape by being confident in what they write and this confidence can only come if there is self love.”love yourself first,love is energy,so use that energy to work and stop trying to be someone else in your style of writings and presentations”. She urged.

At the end of this gathering,Defyhatenow encouraged the women to remain humble in the profession, supporting each other, avoid misinformation and do more of fact-checking in their contents.

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