Sports Instructor Warns Against Sedentary Lifestyle; Urges Physical Activities For Healthy Living

By Nubeh Nai Vonna

Denizens of Bamenda have been urged to decease from a sedentary lifestyle and engage in physical exercises inorder to uphold healthy living. The call was made by Lum Claudine Ade a sports and physical education Instructor, during a sport session that held Aug 6 at blue pearl plaza.

The session was organized by Draufsicht Bamenda with an aim to fight non-communicable diseases believed to be silent killers today.

According to her, living a sedentary lifestyle exposes one to a series of health challenges
“You can be subject to non-communicable diseases such as; diabetes, high blood pressure,osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and lots more” Lum Claudine enumerates.

Lum Claudine

The sports exercise was attended by over 20 members of Draufsicht Bamenda some of whom spoke to Insight244 after the exercise

“Its been a while I’ve not done physical exercises so I’m indeed thankful for this sports session because it has rekindled in me the urge to do sports quite often than not and I feel ready to take up the challenge from this day” Ngam Justin confesses.

To maintain a healthy body and fitness, Lum Claudine recommends that ” it is priority that every individual carry out physical exercises. It will help keep you away from many diseases and even if you already have the disease, exercising will help the body fight against that disease thereby expanding your lifestyle” she advices

it should be noted that the session ended with free HIV screening, Hepatitis test, Sugar test, free blood pressure test and health talks by health experts who attended the session.

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