The Fomunyoh Foundation Promotes Peace Through Movies

By Sandrine M.

Some Denizens of Bamenda have taken part in a three day movie party to promote peace organised by The Fomunyoh Foundation.

This movie party that took place from August 16 to 18 at the Bamenda head office of The Fomunyoh Foundation, was aimed at educating the population on how to manage a conflict situation to a point of lasting peace.

According to the Manager of Foundation Radio and focal point of the workshop Mokun Njouny Nelson, the three films were carefully selected to suit the context.

“…100 Days, The Night of Truth, Beyond Rights and Wrong. 100 Days starts with the devastating effects of conflict, The Night of Truth depicts the step that you can take towards resolving the conflict and ensuring peace. Beyond Rights and Wrongs focuses on justice, forgiveness and peace after the conflict.”

Manager, Foundation Radio

He furthered that the come together aims to ignite critical thinking amongst attendees.
“Our intention and our hope is that we generate discussions about what we are going through, on howwe can come out of this situation so that at the end of the day no matter our differences, peace and reconciliation should reign.”

One of the participants, Emmanuel Nji shared his thoughts after watching the film 100 Days.

“Lets learn to solve our issues locally, lets not keep thinking that the church is the magic solution.”

The Fomunyoh Foundation (TFF) is a Non governmental organization founded by Doctor Christopher Fomunyoh in 1999. The foundation advocates for democracy and human rights.

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