“Tell Yaounde That We need Roads”, Archbishop to Minister Atanga Nji

Archbishop Nkea has reiterated the need for government to provide good roads in the town of Bamenda. He was speaking this August 23, during the funeral service of Mammy Atanga, mother to the Minister of Territorial Administration and Descentralisation, Paul Atanga Nji.

AArchbishop Nkea speaking during the

According to the spiritual leader, the request is that which he knows the government will grant.

“…When you go back, tell Yaounde that we need roads…and we know the roads will come”. The Archbishop told minister Paul Atanga Nji.

Many roads in Bamenda and North West Region in general, have been neglected since the start of the crises in the two English speaking regions of the country. Transporters likewise car owners have been forced to seek alternative roads as the circulate. These alternatives are in most cases just slightly better as they are not void of potholes. It is therefore a general wish that the state of roads in the North West Region is looked at.

The funeral service of Mammy Marcelline Neza Atanga was therefore seen as an opportunity to directly channel this general cry to the powers that be. Mammy Atanga departed on the 24th of July 2022 and was buried this August 23 at the St Joseph Cathedral in Bamenda. She was was born in 1926 in Akum. Dieing at the age of 96, she leaves behind 7 children, 16 grand children and 7 great grand children to mourn her.

Her burial ceremony was attended by administrators, fons, religious leaders amongst others.

Photo Credit: CivicLens

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