SDO Seals Presbyterian Church Kumba Town

By Sandrine M.
The Senior Divisioner Officer for Meme, Ntou’ou Ndong Chamberlin has issued a release, sealing Presbyterian Church Kumba Town till further notice.

The release signed this August 30th, follows persistent tension amongst christians and leaders of the said congregation.

“Due to persistent tension among the worshipers of Presbyterian Church Kumba Town, impacting Public order and involving occult practices, the doors of the Presbyterian Church Kumba Town shall remain closed as from the date of signature of this order till further notice”. Part of the release reads.

PC Kumba Town has been in a topsy-turvy since July this year. Fertish objects have been found in the church in the course of the tussle. The most recent incident was the arrest of Christians of the congregation.

It is hoped that with the SDO’s recent order, the stakeholders concerned will engage in a constructive dialogue to bring a lasting solution to the crisis in the church.

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