NW House Of Chiefs Declare Cleansing Of The Region

By Sandrine M.

During the 8th sitting of the North West Regional Assembly, the House of Chiefs declared they will cleanse the land from recurrent happenings erupting from the crisis in the region.

While speaking on the issue, Fon Bahmbi III Mathias Njuh, Secretary number II said that curses will be laid on those taking up arms against the state.

“We will lay curses on those who take up guns against the state of Cameroon. We will curse them and it will remain a curse”.

He reiterated that the cleansing process should not be taken for granted.

Fon Bahmbi III Mathias Njuh

“War unto any person or group of persons who will regard this cleansing as a joke. We are going to send our ancestors behind you and you know the consequences”

To this effect, he called on the elites of the region to cooperate with the traditional leaders who will oversee this activity.

“The elites of the North West are hereby called upon to respond positively to any fondom where they are when the cleansing is going on.”

Members of the House of Chiefs during the 8th sitting of the North West Regional Assembly

The intention of these traditional rulers to collectively carry out a cleansing exercise will be happening for its first since the outbreak of the crisis in the North West and South West Regions of the country.

The North West Regional Assembly is a local governance institution created by a Presidential decree within the context of the Special Status of the North West Region as provided for by article 62 of the Constitution of Cameroon.

The Regional Assembly is made up of the House of Divisional Representatives and the House of Chiefs. The House of Chiefs comprises twenty members from among traditional rulers elected in accordance with the legislation in force.

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