Bloggers, Content Creators Schooled On Combating Zoonoses

By Judithpride N.

Over 20 bloggers and content creators have begun receiving training on how to deal with human sanitary security to fight against animal to man diseases (zoonoses).

Bloggers and content creators at zoonoses training in Ebolowa

This training is ongoing in a workshop that opened yesterday September 13 at Bengo hotel in Ebolowa.

During the training, Dr. Jean Mark Feussom, a vertinary doctor told everyone that animal to human diseases are common.

“Three out of four sicknesses that doctors discover in humans come from Zoonoses and 2.6 billion of people sick per year is linked to animals.” Dr Jean said.

The participants have equally been urged to have accurate, evidence-based information, while conveying strategies on addressing issues. This as to be honest and open with what is a rumor & what is a known fact influences the perception of transparency.

To this effect, it is hoped that bloggers and content creators will through the content they publish, help in the fight against emerging and re-emerge diseases in our national territory.

The training that is expected to run for four days is put in place by One Health Programme in partnership with the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations(FAO), Ministry of Health, Ministry of Livestock (MINEPIA) Fisheries and Animal Husbandry and ABC Bloggers.

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