Momo: Minister Mbah Acha Rose Rewards Outstanding Pupils, Students

By Sandrine M.

The Minister Delegate at the presidency in charge of Supreme State Audit, Mbah Acha Fomundam Rose has rewarded over forty pupils and students for their brilliant performances in the just passed academic year.

The awards comprising; school bags, books, gas plates and financial token were handed to meritorious students from Momo Division and others within the region. According to the minister, this excellent performance of school children is worth recognising.

“When they go to school and they perform exceptionally well, we should give them a pat on their back so that they will be encouraged”.

Minister Mbah speaking to the press after the event

Minister Mbah Acha Rose also urged those who have taken up arms against the state to drop them and embrace peace.

“Those in the bush should drop their guns as the Head of State has tendered an olive branch to them. Drop your guns and come let us dialogue because nothing has ever been achieved through violence”.

During the award ceremony, the Regional Delegate of Secondary Education, Ngwang Roland Yuven remarked that the region recorded an improvement in academic performances for end of course examinations. He stated that according to national ranking, the North West Region was 3rd in the Ordinary Levels exams, 2nd in Advanced Level Technical and 1st in Advanced Level General examinations.

Nyong Alvin, one of the benefactors, appreciated the minister for her gesture while assuring her that they will never let her down.

The donor also extended her largesse to administrators of the educational sector (basic and secondary) for aiding these pupils and students through their journey of success.

The exercise that took place this September 10 was done under the auspices of the Governor of the North West Region, the president of NWRA, amongst other officials.

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