Bafoussam: Hospital Director Reverts Decision Few Hours After Ordering 50.000 FCFA Admission Deposit

The Director of the Bafoussam Regional Hospital, Enow Orock Goerge has signed a release, reverting an earlier one that demanded that patients make a deposit of fifty thousand francs before being admitted in the hospital.

First release signed this October 26th by Bafoussam Regional Hospital Director

“As from the date of signature of this release, patients entering the hospital must make a deposit of 50.000 francs (fifty thousand francs) for caution; failing to do this, he will not be admitted in the hospital”. Part of the first release reads.

Shortly after the release, people took to different social media platforms to decry the situation, while tagging the minister of public health. Most of the tweets condemned the order.

A twitter user, Tague, Ngangue said the order indirectly means patients in Bafoussam will die if they don’t have money to treat themselves.

“Summary of the note:
all the residents and peasants of Bafoussam must die for lack of money to treat themselves” Tague’s tweet reads.

“Hospitals and Doctors primordial role is to save lives. Not admitted at the Bafoussam Regional Hospital because a patient cannot deposit a caution fee of Fcfa 50,000 is violation of human rights-The right to health and life.” Another tweet by Cameroon Fact finder reads.

Hours after the backlash on the release on different social media platforms, another release was signed by the director, reverting the previous document.

Second release signed this October 26th by Bafoussam Regional Hospital Director

“To the attention, of all the personnel, officials, supervisors, team heads, the above-mentioned circular letter N°1058/ LC/ MINSANT/ SG/ DRSPO/ HR/D of 26 October 2022, relating to the payment of deposits, is postponed. Any patient admitted to the hospital will be covered by an emergency voucher.” Part of the second release reads.

Reacting to the releases signed earlier today, the Minister of public health has as called on the director to withdraw all the circulars. He emphasised that his move does not fall within the framework of the Head of state’s policy of a humanized hospital in the country and also the right to health for all, which is a fundamental human right.

Release signed by Public health Minister

Brows have since been raised as to why the director will sign a release and revert same day.

by Sandrine M.

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