North West Region: Mayors Tasked to Shun Professional Misconduct, Uphold Law

Mayors and other local administrative officials have been tasked to shun professional misconduct and uphold the law. This was during the second day of their two day workshop on rights, duties and ethical compliance in council functioning organized by the office of the Public Independent Concialiator, PIC.

” Corruption is what has eaten our society and consequently the local people are suffering. The resources that are being given to manage the interest of the local people, people deviate and put them in their private pockets.
So if Local administrators can start by doing the right thing, the society will be better” Rais Ngodji remarked while facilitating a session on ethics and compliance in council functioning. 

The facilitator furthered that unethical behaviors at the council could follow some sanctions according to the penal code if reported. He reiterated that administrative, political, criminal and civil sanctions are geared at solving the problems of the council and also to reinforce the council administrations to act in a legitimate manner.

The Public independent Conciliator, PIC whose primary role is to corporate and also settle issues including unethical behaviors happening in the local councils reports them to the Head of State when their instructions to an issue is not followed.

” The Public independent Conciliator’s primary duties before even writing to the head of state is not to sanction, it is a conciliatory organ that settles disputes in an amicable manner. It is only when executives prove themselves recalcitrant that certain situations are reported to the head of the Republic. So that is why the PIC focused on this thematic issue to sensitize them because he is being conferred that power in section 4 sub 4 of the law in 2020/773 stating the discharge of the public independent Conciliator”. Rais Ngodji enunciated. 

These Council administrators are expected to go back to their various councils, practice ethical norms, work and collaborate with PIC to treat disputes amicably likewise prevent them when possible.

By Laurata P

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