North West Region: CPDM Militants Celebrate President Biya’s 40th Anniversary Ascending Supreme Magistracy

Elites of the North West Region have celebrated the 40th anniversary of President Paul Biya’s Ascension to the supreme magistracy. This was done this November 6, at the Bamenda Commercial Avenue grand stand.

The celebration was done under the banner “let us further strengthen our mobilisation behind President Paul Biya to jointly pursue nation building actions with one heart, peace and stability under the prism and spirit of National New Deal”.

In an address by the Secretary General of the CPDM Central Committee, Jean Nkuete, he urged all inhabitants of the North West Region to stay firm in defending national unity. He equally appreciated them for their continuous support to the president.

“We want to pay special tribute to the population of the North West for their continuous support to the president since the advent of the new deal”. H.E Jean Nkuete said.

While presenting the achievements of the major national dialogue, Cameroon’s Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations in charge of the Commonwealth, Felix Mbayu highlighted some developments that emerged. He cited the Public Independent Concialiator that resolves disputes between the municipal Authorities and users of the councils and Commission of Bilingualism Multiculturalism, the creation of the National School of local Administration, NASLA amongst others.

During the celebration, some elites of the North West Region and militants of the Cameroon people’s Democratic Movement, CPDM party of different ranks and calibre were president. They used the opportunity to extend their appreciation to the Head of State for his continuous efforts in developing the region and the country at large.

Sandrine M.

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