North West Region: Public Independent Conciliator Pans Towards Conflict Prevention Measures

The office of the Public Independent Conciliator, PIC has opted to work on preventing conflicts/disputes rather than wait to resolve them. This remark was made by the Public Independent Conciliator, Tamfu Simon Fai this November 7 in Bamenda, during an information seminar for members of the Regional Executive Council and elites of the North West Region.

According to him, the PIC will work with councils to achieve this aim. “…the Public Independent Concialiator is accompanying councils to function effectively to minimise disputes with users and beneficiary populations”. Tamfu Simon said.

Public Independent Conciliator

The Public Independent Conciliator, one of the outcomes of the major national dialogue serves as public watchdog and advocate. They are out to ensure good governance in the regional, city and local councils. They ensure that users of the afore mentioned are treated with respect and fairness, no matter where they come from, who they are, their gender, religious or ethnic affiliations or physical condition.

Being a body whose mission is to receive and resolve conflicts, the PIC has treated 53 complaints out of 64 received since they started work in 2021.

It is from this backdrop that the PIC intends to look at ways to prevent conflicts from arising while continuing in their mission to ensure fairness in the relationship between regional and local council entities and the population.

By Sandrine M.

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