Mayor Ngong Innocent Says Belo Council to Focus on Three SDGs Come 2023

The Mayor of Belo municipality, Dr Ngong Innocent has officially opened the councils 2023 budgetary session.

In his opening address, the mayor stated that the council’s budget for 2023 seeks to tackle the sustainable development goals 1, 2 and 4. These goals are “No Poverty, Zero Hunger and Quality Education” respectively.

Some councillors present at the session

Dr Ngong Innocent added that the council’s target is to distribute 11,500 animals to the population to help in alleviating poverty while at the same time fighting hunger. He added that classrooms will be constructed in the municipality, amongst others come this new budgetary year. “Our priority is that alalthe children in Belo should be educated”. The Mayor remarked.

By Sandrine M.

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