Belo Council Votes 659 million FCFA as 2023 Budget

Councillors of Belo Council under the auspices of the Mayor Dr. Ngong Innocent, have voted the sum of six hundred and fifty nine million, nine hundred thousand francs CFA, balanced in revenue and expenditure as budget for the 2023 financial year.

The budget was voted during their 2023 budgetary session that held this December 21 in the council town hall.

According to the mayor of the Municipality, come 2023, the council will focus on poverty alleviation. “We will focus on poverty alleviation which is a United Nations SDG1”. Dr Innocent said.

Some projects earmarked for the 2023 budgetary year include aid to vulnerable persons, construction of bridges, maintenance of roads and construction of classrooms. “We will embark on road maintenance at Mejang, Ngemsiho, where the first primary school will equally be constructed”. The mayor stated.

Boyo Divisional Delegate of Descentralisation and Local Development, speaking during the council session

Speaking during the session on behalf of the SDO for Boyo was the Divisional Delegate of Descentralisation and Local Development who applauded the efforts of the Mayor of Belo and his councillors in running the council. She equally urged the different stakeholders to uphold team spirit so as to foster development in the municipality. “Collective work is very important”. She urged.

Come 2023, it is hoped that the different earmarked projects will be realised in Belo. The Mayor emphasised the goal is “making Belo great again” as he repeated this slogan brought up by the council.

by Sandrine M.

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