NW, SW: Fru Ndi Urges Population to Wave Aside Problems, Rebuild Country

The Chairman of the SDF, Social Democratic Front party, Ni John Fru Ndi has urged the population of the North West and South West Region to wave aside the problems they are facing and rebuild the country. He made this remark while giving his end of year message to Cameroonians this December 29 at his Ntarinkon residence.

SDF Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi

According to him, there will always be challenges everywhere and as such focus should be on praying to God to help resolve this challenges.

Fru Ndi’s End of Year Message to Cameroonians

“I stand here to wish you people a happy new year. When i say happy, it’s because we deserve to be happy. But if we look at ourselves as Cameroonians especially those from the North West and South West, are we really happy? So many have lost their love ones, we can’t live at peace and at ease in our own home towns. So many people have taken refuge in Mbouda, Bafoussam, Douala away from their own home towns and cannot come home to feel at home. Their properties have been destroyed. In the early days of this struggle, when I left here going to the farm, i went through Boyo and grass had covered the main roads because vehicles were not passing, vehicles were destroyed, so many things took place that many did not feel safe and at ease in their homes.

But as we’re approaching the year 2023, I want to thank God that some of us are still alive, those that are dead, are dead and gone but we have to continue. I’ve always told people that as somebody from the North West who cannot paddle a canoe, when I go down to Victoria and see people beating the waves, paddling their canoes to go and fish, they push the water backward in order to move forward. So I’m appealing that we should push the water backward for the North West and South West to move forward and for Cameroon to move forward. Because if we talk about problems in the Northwest and Southwest, I am very frightened that there are problems everywhere in this country. As we approach 2023, let us do so prayerfully, go down on our knees and beg the Lord God almighty that we worship to help us resolve some of these problems in 2023 so that Cameroon can come back to be the peaceful country that it use to be.

By Sandrine M.

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