Nigeria: Upcoming Elections Risk Being Cancelled

Nigeria’s upcoming general elections scheduled for February 25 risk being cancelled for security reasons. This follows a warning from the country’s Independent National Electoral Commision (INEC).

This warning comes barely few days after 32 people were abducted in Igueben while they were waiting to board a train to Warri in neighbouring Delta State.

The Chairperson of INEC Mahmood Yakubu said the commissions priority is ensuring the security of election personnel and materials. To this effect, if the rising insecurity in the country is not curbed, the upcoming election is likely to be suspended “the insecurity could likely culminate in the cancellation or postponement of elections in sufficient constituencies to hinder declaration of results and precipitate constitutional crisis. This must not be allowed to happen and shall not be allowed to happen”. The chairman remarked.

To this effect, he has urged that the security situation of the country be strengthen so that polls are held successfully across the country.

By Sandrine M.
Source BBC

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