Afrogiveness Engage 1000 in Fraternity Walk to Foster Peace

The Non Governmental Organisation, Afrogiveness has organised a fraternity walk to rekindle the importance of good neighbourliness, social cohesion and peaceful coexistence amongst youths. The fraternity walk that took place this February 4, was in line with the commemoration of the international day for human fraternity, which is remembered annually on February 4 since 2021.

According to the President of Afrogiveness Movement, Franca Ma-ih Sulem Yong, sports can be used as a tool to communicate our fraternity or the oneness in humanity “…now more than ever it is important to entrench in youths the believe and the practice of good neighbourliness, human fraternity and it is important to engage and empower youths to not only recognise but also celebrate our common humanity.”

President of Afrogiveness Movement

The fraternity walk that took place in Mbankolo, Yaounde, Centre Region of Cameroon, brought together hundreds of youths including internally displaced persons, refugees from seven different countries, people living with disabilities, minority groups, Christians and Muslims alike. The walk was within the context of World Interfaith Harmony Week. Some of these youths who got engaged in a racing competition were awarded medals for their outstanding performances.

Franca Ma-ih also used the fraternity walk to remind Cameroonians living in the restive regions about the importance of peace “We pray that they should not let armed conflict disturb their peace of mind. And that they should always remember that they can rise to become agents of peace and justice”.

The Afrogiveness Movement was launched in 2018 and aims at providing mental health and psychosocial care to refugees and Internally Displaced Persons(IDPs). Its mission is to help mentally traumatized survivors of conflict and intolerance heal through forgiveness and release through arts, thereby transforming trauma to treasure.

Afrogiveness became the first organization to commemorate the International Day for Human Fraternity in Cameroon as they engaged hundreds of peaceful demonstrators in a sportswalk to combat xenophobia while promoting tolerance, forgiveness, empathy, human fraternity and peace.

By Sandrine M

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