@Biya’s 90th Anniversary; Hon Agho Oliver Remarked Celebrant is an Epitome of Peace

The Member of Parliament for Bafut-Tubah constituency, Hon Agho Oliver has said president Paul Biya is an “epitome of peace”. He was speaking shortly after the celebration of the president’s 90th anniversary in upstation Bamenda.

Hon Agho Oliver

According to the young MP, President Biya’s 90th Anniversary is a day worth celebrating. “We are celebrating a man who is the epitome of peace in our country, somebody who has demonstrated love for the nation and the architect of our modern democracy.”

Cutting of Biya’s 90th Anniversary cake in Bamenda

He also ceased the opportunity to let the youth rekindle the hopes they have for the nation. To him, being one of the youngest parliamentarians is evidence that there is hope for the youths. “The celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Head of State is to activate hope in the minds of our youths, to let them know that all is not lost.”

To this effect, he prayed that the Head of State lives to celebrate more birthdays. “In joining our critical voices with those of other well-meaning Cameroonians, we, the active forces of the North West Region of Cameroon, pray God to continue to bless and preserve our leader, President Paul Biya, so he continues to steer ship of state to safe shores.”

Hon Agho Oliver concluded by thanking the Head of State for his efforts towards a transformed region. “We are here to say thank you to the head of State, the older generation and all our elites who have been working towards achieving a transformed North West Region. We thank most especially the minister of territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji for making sure that the 90th anniversary of the Head of state be celebrated here today in the North West Region.”

Bike riders were amongst those who flooded the esplanade of the Governor’s Office to celebrate this event. Other administrative and religious authorities also shared in the merry making while wishing the Head of State long life.

By Sandrine M.

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