North West: Women’s Empowerment Delegate Urges Men to Assist Women

The North West Regional Delegate of Women’s Empowerment and the Family (MINPROFF), Wirba Asan has urged men to assist women in their activities/actions geared towards nation building. He made this remark during the launch of activities marking the celebration of the 38th edition of the International Women’s Day in Bamenda this March 1.

RD, MINPROFF, Wirba Asan

“We want the men to join the women in their activities/the actions that they carry out.” Wirba Asan told the press.

The launch of Women’s Day Activities started with a sports walk within Bamenda I municipality from the monument through GRA then the military court. The delegate celebrated the turnout of the women, while appreciating the men who equally joined in the activity.

“We are very impressed with the massive turn out that we have had this morning and we want to congratulate the women. We want to send a strong message to the women that the attendance that we have started seeing, the North West will be happy to bounce back, to take its position as the lead as far as Women’s activities in the country is concerned. The massive turn out of the men during this activity is a very positive action that has been taken and we want to say that those who are lagging behind should join the train.” The Delegate remarked.

The Divisional Delegate of Women’s Empowerment and the Family for Mezam, Eseni Cordelia on her part urged other women to take part in these activities that gives them the opportunity to interact with one another likewise empower themselves.

DD, MINPROFF Mezam, Eseni Cordelia

“I want to encourage all the women to step out, come out of their comfort zones, be able to join us in all the activities that we have planned in commemoration of the 38th edition of the International Women’s Day.” Cordelia told the press.

Over three hundred Women and men from different administrative corps within the region took part in the sports walk. This exercise was preceeded by a handball and football match. Other activities that mark the celebration of the Women’s Day in the Region include round table discussions, open door day, health screening amongst others.

The International Women’s Day celebration in Cameroon is celebrated under the banner “For an Inclusive Digital World: Innovation and Technologies for Gender Equality”.

By Sandrine M.

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