Senatorial Elections: CPDM Embarks on Burning Midnight Candles to Grab Seats

Campaign teams of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement party, CPDM for the North West Region have embarked on burning midnight candles so as to secre seats in the senate come March 12. This daunting task was birth after members of the Regional Campaign Commission to the North West Region led by Philemon Yang launched the Party’s campaign in Bamenda on February 25.

CPDM NW Campaign Commission head, Philemon Yang speaking to the press

“Campaign teams should burn the midnight candles…” Cletus Anye Matoya, Section President for Mezam IB remarked.

The Regional Campaign Commission head, Philemon Yang urged municipal and regional councillors to combine forces and facilitate the work of team head. He also stressed on the need for them to be methodological and respect the party’s guidelines, so as to grab the seats at the senate.

Philemon Yang added that municipal councillors who had emerged from the party should cast their vote to the CPDM list as he reminded them that the party had given them their current titles. “Without CPDM, you will not have the titles you have”.

Seven Candidates for the senatorial race in the NW

Amidst this, he maintained on the need for peace throughout the election period especially given the sociopolitical unrest in the region. “As for now, we continue to beg for peace.” The Campaign head remarked.

Heading the seven man list of the CPDM is Emma Lafon from Bui. The other aspirants are; Ngafeeson Emmanuel for Donga Mantung, Neba Ndosiri Bridget for Mezam, Sekedi Bomeh Kobenge for Menchum, Enwe Francis for Momo, Fointama Hilda for Boyo and Mbufong Carl Moses for Ngoketunjia. Focus is on working tirelessly with councillors of the party to secure a victory.

The CPDM currently controls 33 councils in the North west region and the race for the senate is against the main opposition party, the Social Democratic Front, SDF.

By Sandrine M

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