Senatorial Elections: SDF Launches Campaigns, Promises Better NW if Victorious

The Social Democratic Front, SDF party has launched campaign for their senatorial elections today in Bamenda while promising better days ahead for the North West, should they grab seats at the senate.

The party has seven members on their list of candidates in the North West, going in for the upcoming senatorial elections. These candidates are; Vanigansen MoChiggle, running for Mezam, Buh Sule for Menchum, Ajuoh Ngam Honore for Boyo, Kinyang Georges Nyang for Bui, Amboufei Diana Engenembe for Momo, Bunyui Emmanuel Nyugab for Donga Mantung and Mafogho Inusa Petiangma for Ngoketunjia.

The Candidates vying for the senate from the SDF party say they will advocate for the allocation of one billion FCFA as the least amount to run councils. They added that they will advocate for monthly allowances for municipal and regional councillors.

The aspirants also promised to advocate for more autonomy for the region likewise fostering descentralisation of power amongst other beneficial projects.

The Party’s list leader Vanigansen Mochiggle along side three others who have been in the senate say they have the experience required to push for the development of Cameroon should they have the chance to serve in another term.

The Second Deputy City Mayor of Bamenda, Lucas Ngu urged the SDF militants on the list for the senatorial race to maximise the chances they have to secure seats at the senate while reminding them to keep sailing through despite the tough times.

The Social Democratic Front party has 31 councillors in the North West out of the over 1075 councillors in the region. The party currently has no Regional councillor in the North West.

By Sandrine M.

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