North West: Mayors Boost Knowledge on Fund Raising for Local Initiatives

Mayors in the North West Region have been schooled on how to raise funds for local Initiatives. This was during a two days sitting that brought together mayors of the United Council and Cities of Cameroon, UCCC in Bamenda.

Mayors receiving lessons during the session

During the meeting with the mayors, the president of UCCC Denis Awoh Ndang saluted the efforts of the mayors in executing developmental projects in their municipality while urging them not to relent their efforts. “the execution level of our projects is generally, very encouraging! Mayors are therefore encouraged to continue to make progress in this direction.”

UCC President speaking to the press

To this effect, he urged the mayors to engage in activities that can generate funds for their councils that can enable them carry out more projects. “…As I have reiterated in the past, our actions as Mayors must be geared towards local economic development. This is the only way by which we can gradually help move our councils forward amidst both the local and international crisis that are directly affecting us all. Total dependence of councils on funds from outside can never solve all our problems”.

The Pan African Association for Research & Protection Against Violence on Women & Children, led by Dr, Ndonwie Peter championed reinforcing the capacities of North West Mayors on Fund Raising for local initiatives.

The meeting of mayors in the region was also an avenue for them to strengthen ties with the North West Regional Assembly.

The President of the North West Regional Assembly, Prof Fru Angwafo, in his address to the mayors, urged them to uphold citizen participation in their activities. “I therefore enjoin you all to uphold citizen participation and community engagement through village and quarter peace and development committees and town hall public hearings”.

President of the NWRA

Prof Fru Angwafo equally called on the mayors to be actively involved in activities of the Regional Assembly so as to collectively build a great region. “I also urge you all as mayors to be actively engaged in the activities and life of the Regional Assembly as the Law defines…Mayors and the Regional Executive council are key stakeholders therefore in the building of a more self- reliant, forward-looking North-West Region we are all yearning for and working towards building”.

The UCC meeting that was held during the celebration of the International week of the deaf gave the mayors the chance to have their ears screened as well as the take of their vital signs, in order to better enhance their general welfare.

At the end of the two days meeting that started on March 2, mayors were confident of haven strengthened collaboration with the Regional Assembly, likewise gathered knowledge on how to engage in more inclusive development initiatives.

By Sandrine M.

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