Bamenda: Women Drilled on Cyber Security, Legal Proceedings to Fight Cyber Crimes

Some women in Bamenda have been drilled on Cyber security and how to undertake legal actions to fight cyber crimes. This was during a round table discussion organised by the North West Regional Delegation of Women’s Empowerment and the Family (MINPROFF) this March 2, 2023.

One of the Facilitators during the roun table discussion was Kewi Emmanuel who highlighted what cyber Security was and how to fight cyber crimes. “Some cyber security threats include ransomware, maleware, phishing and social engineering. We can protect ourselves from these threats through constantly changing our passwords and not giving out our personal information to strangers”. Emmanuel told the women.

PParticipants during the exchange on Cyber Security

According to a legal expert, Justice Bekele Therese, cyber crimes can be reported and legal sanctions taken against the perpetrators.

DD, MINPROFF, Mezam speaking to the audience

MINPROFF Divisional Delegate for Mezam, Eseni Cordelia used the platform to encourage women to exploit the digital space. According to her, women can get empowered through the research they carry out on the Internet. She quoted the example of a young lady who currently produces fountains just from watching YouTube videos. To this effect, the delegate encouraged the women to maximise the useful resources they see online for their benefits while urging them to support/guide their girl children who venture into ICT.

The training of women on Cyber security was part of the activities marking the celebration of women’s day in the region. The round table exchange ended with cutting of the 38th anniversary cake of the womens day.

By Sandrine M.

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