North West: Youth Council Leader Appraises CPDM Senatorial List

The North West Regional President for the Cameroon National Youth Council, Mekom Samuel has lauded the choices of candidates on the CPDM list for the upcoming senatorial elections, referring to the the senatorial candidate from mezam as a square peg in a square hole. He made this remark on March 8, in Bamenda while urging councillors to vote for the CPDM list come March 12.

Regional President, Cameroon National Youth Council, NW

According to Mekom Samuel, Prof. Neba Ndosiri Bridget, WCPDM Section President for Mezam 1A and senatorial candidate for Mezam has demonstrated great leadership qualities, heading the women wing of the party in Mezam, evidence that she is fit for the senate. “She is the force behind the growth of Mezam IA”. Samuel remarked.

Some Officials present during the event

Similarly, the Secretary of State to the Minister of Basic Education, Kilo Vivian Asheri appreciated CPDM for bestowing confidence on the women of the party to run the senatorial race. She urged all councillors of the party to cast their votes for the CPDM senatorial list. She equally stated that she will welcome votes from the opposition party.

The Mayor of Bamenda City Council, Paul Achombang, representative of the section president of Mezam IA saluted Prof Neba for her tireless efforts in taking the party’s agenda to higher heights. He described her as fit for the senatorial race stating that she carries the flame of leadership.

Prof. Neba Ndosiri Bridget

The CPDM Senatorial candidate for Mezam on her part requested that all the councillors should cast their votes for the party’s senate candidates. She added that voting for them will mean advancement of the Decentralization process in Cameroon.

The CPDM list for senatorial candidates consist of Neba Ndosiri Bridget for Mezam, Emma Lafon from Bui, Ngafeeson Emmanuel for Donga Mantung, Sekedi Bomeh Kobenge for Menchum, Enwe Francis for Momo, Fointama Hilda for Boyo and Mbufong Carl Moses for Ngoketunjia.

The discussions that held at Bamenda I Council was part of Women’s Day celebration in the Region. Also present during the event was the Governor of the North West Region and his entourage, the DG of Custom, the National President of the Cameroon National Youth Council, Mayors, Councillors, traditional authorities amongst other administrative authorities.

By Sandrine M

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