Senatorial Elections: CPDM Mezam Strategize for 100% Victory

Members of the CPDM Campaign Commission together with councillors of Mezam have concluded strategies on how to earn 100% victory during the March 12 Senatorial Elections. This was arrived at during a meeting that brought together CPDM councillors and campaign officials at the Conference Hall of the North West Regional Assembly in Bamenda this March 10.

Minister Felix Mbayu speaking to the press

According to the leader of the Mezam Divisional Campaign Commission, Minister Felix Mbayu, Mezam councillors have been mobilized for a hundred percent win. “Mezam is very prepared for a 100% victory come Sunday” the campaign lead told the press.

from left to right, Prof. Neba Ndosiri Bridget, SDO Mezam, President NWRA, Minister Atanga Nji, Minister Felix Mbayu, NW Governor, Fongod Edwin (DG Custom)

Come March 12, 2023, councillors all over the country will cast their votes for new senators. To this effect, councillors in Mezam were briefed on the modalities to vote and the need to abide by the laws.

Fongod Edwin Nuvaga, member of the campaign commission for Mezam, speaking during the event urged the councillors to avoid carrying out any further campaign activities after the deadline given be the state. He equally urged councillors to exhibit responsible behaviours before during and after the elections.

Sitting in for the senatorial race in Mezam is Prof. Neba Ndosiri Bridget who has been described severally as the right choice for the senatorial race from the Division. She has been president of WCPDM for Mezam before vying for the senatorial position.

Of the 247 councillors, 226 were present during this meeting, assuring the senate candidates of their loyalty to the party come March 12.

By Sandrine M.

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