North West: Presidential Plan for Reconstruction Scores High

The Steering Committee for the Presidential Plan for Reconstruction and Development, PPRD has expressed their satisfaction in the level of execution of projects in the North West Region. The President of the Committee, Balungeli Confiance Ebune made this remark in Santa, as they concluded their working visit to the region.

“It has been satisfactorily executed. Where we had to advise we did, where we had to correct we did”. Balungeli Confiance told the press.

The PPRD steering Committee while continuing with their mission to the North West visited Sacred Heart Nursery and Primary School in Mankon, St Joseph Special School in Big Mankon, Islamic Primary School in Old Town, CBC Primary School at Finance Junction, a water catchment extension in Bamendakwe and ended at the Santa Women’s Empowerment Multipurpose Hall, all projects born out of the largesse of the Head of State, Paul Biya.

Minister and North West Governor drinking from water source at Bamendakwe

Sacred Heart Nursery and Primary School is one of those PPRD projects in the North west that has been completed and the project amounted to 55million FCFA for construction and equipment. The Head Teacher of the School, Njika Atracta appreciated the PPRD for revamping the school, making it conducive for pupils to study.

CBC Inclusive Primary School

The Islamic School was equally constructed from scratch and equipped. The project worth 27 million FCFA was greatly appreciated by the Manager of the school, Muntari.

The CBC Primary school just like the other schools was constructed from scratch and equipped. The project was evaluated at 102million FCFA and currently hosts 900 pupils, amongst which are 84 children living with different forms of disabilities. The structure was constructed in an Inclusive manner, permitting easy movements of persons living with disabilities.

Inside the Santa Women’s Empowerment Multipurpose Hall

At the water catchment extension in Bamendakwe, the PPRD Steering Committee President together with the Governor of the North West, inaugurated and drank from the tap that had been constructed.

Water Treatment Centre in Bamendakwe

In Santa where the envoy made their last stop, the Prime Minister’s envoy also appreciated the population who had appropriated the PPRD, while calling on those of other communities to do same. “I think they have appropriated the plan and it is encouraging.” He remarked.

At all the schools visited, the Minister handed Cameroon flags to the head teachers who were in turn very happy to receive this gist from the Head of State while extending their profound gratitude.

North West Governor bidding Minister Farewell at the end of working visit to the region

At the end of the working visit, Balungeli Confiance extended his appreciation to the Governor of the North West for his relentless effort in ensuring that development and peace is upheld in the region.

By Sandrine M.

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