North West Regional Assembly Encourages Health Education, Fight Against Homicide

The President of North West Regional Assembly has urged inhabitants of the region to boost health education and aid in the fight against homiside. The President remarked during his opening address at the 10th session of the assembly.

prof Fru Angwafo Speaking during the opening session

According to Prof Fru Angwafo, it is important to invest in health education (that can prevent possible health issues) than rely on the current curative hospital-based paradigm (that seeks to identify and treat diseases).

The head of the Regional Executive Council also frowned at the sale of Illicit drugs and alcohol abuse that in some cases have resulted in the lost of lives. To this effect, he urged the population of the North West to focus more on disease prevention than treatment.

Members of the House of Chiefs

Prof Fru also used the avenue to call on the people of the North West to join the crusade for peace, safety and security following increasing homicide in the country. “We are called upon to join the crusade for peace, safety and security wherever we are” he said.

The campaign for health education is coming 72 hours after six children were reported dead in a health centre in Fundong, Boyo Division of the country, after consuming sub standard Naturcold syrup.

It is hoped that not just inhabitants of the North West Region but Cameroonians in general take health education seriously so as to reduce infections or in worse case scenario, deaths from negligence/doubtful health outlets.

By Sandrine M.

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