Self Medication, Illicit Drugs Threat to Human Life

Recently in the North West Region of the Country, six children were reported dead from consuming sub standard Naturcold cough syrup in Fundong, Boyo Division. This medication was among host of other Illicit drugs sold within that community.

Sample picture of young lady taking medications

Following this incident, the North West Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr Kingsley Che Soh in a release on April 13 called on the population to decease from purchasing illicit drugs.

The case of the six children that died in fundong comes shortly after over a dozen death had been reported in other parts of the country after consuming similar drugs.

Speaking to a Lab Technician, Timah Dawuda, he explains the dangers of taking medications without diagnosis. "It is risky and dangerous because it is through diagnosis that you know which drug to take and what quantity. Equally, drugs may have some chemicals that can react differently on different individuals. That is the more reason why a health personnel may want to know your medical history. Also, some drugs may be resistant to your body.” Dawuda explained.

Timah Dawuda

To this effect, Timah Dawuda urged that people should cultivate the habit of doing diagnosis before taking medications. It is important for you to conduct a lab test to know what you are sick of and get the right drug and dose to take. Also, people should avoid buying Illicit drugs which may pose a danger to their health."

The recent death of children from consuming sub standard cough syrup is not the first case where lives have been lost due to the consumption of Illicit drugs. It is hoped that people will cultivate the habit of visiting hospitals/clinics when they are sick to avoid conducting self/auto medication which can result to further complications or in the worst case scenario, death.

By Sandrine M.

Photo Credit, sample picture: The Guardian

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