North West: Journalists Demand Justice for Murdered Colleague

Journalists of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists (CAMASEJ) in Bamenda have carried out a peaceful protest, demanding Justice for their dead Colleague, Anye Nde Soh. The peaceful protest was carried out this May 9 from city Chemist Bamenda to Che Street where he was killed then to his residence at Ntarikon.

Reacting after the peaceful protest Muma Jude President of CAMASEJ North West says that, the protest is to remind perpetrators that no one has the right to kill another.

“First of all we need to send a strong message out there to perpetrators of acts like this. Not only on journalist but on people who are going about their daily activities.We know very well that, the law prohibits anyone from taking lives and so whether you are a journalist whether you do what kind of business, nobody has the right to take your live.”

The National Secretary General for CAMASEJ, Wanchia Cynthia stated that “if you touch one of us, you have touched all of us” reasons why they came out in their numbers to protest against the brutal killing of their colleague.”

The young and vibrant journalist who was the Regional Bureau chief of  the Advocate Newspaper, Reporter for Dream Fm, Sports presenter for City FM  Bamenda and reporter for was shot dead late sunday May 9th 2023 by gunmen who have self-identified as separatist fighters  in Bamenda,  North West Region of Cameroon.

Journalists at the family residence of dead colleague

Following a video circulating on the social media, one of the Seperatist leaders stated that it was a case of mistaken identity.  The new development  pushed media Practitioners to the street to demand justice for their colleague carrying placards bearing messages such as “Journalism is not a crime,   Mistaken Identity? Unacceptable !! #JusticeForAnye” and a host of others.

The death of Anye Nde Nsoh comes three days after the celebration of the World Press Freedom Day. He had just concluded a deal for a new job before his demise. He was an orphan and died leaving behind his eleven months old daughter.

By Laurata P

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