ASMAC @50: Director Celebrates Excellence

The Director of ASMAC (AdvancedSchoolof Mass Communication), Prof Alice Nga Minkala has recounted some of the success stories of the institution since its creation some fifty years ago. She was speaking during the launch of activities marking the fiftieth anniversary celebration of ASMAC/ESSTIC that held at their campus in Yaounde this May 10.

“ASMAC has produced thousands of graduates from various African Countries, working in many organisations and companies around the world.” The Director said in her opening address.

Also speaking during the event was the Minister of Higher Institution, Prof. Jacque Femme Ndongo who equally remarked on the success stories of the institution. “The ceremony today is to celebrate the great results the institution has produced these past 50years.” He added.

Prof Alice furthered that the celebration of the institution’s fiftieth anniversary that is to run from June 14 to 16, will equally serve as a moment to pause and question the practice of communication in a changing technological environment.

The event that was chaired by ASMAC Director was attended by the Minister of Higher Education, SG to the Minister of Communication, ASMAC School officials/students, amongst other top ranking officials.

ASMAC first existed as ESIJY (Yaounde International School of Higher Education), created in 1970 with the desire of some African States to jointly create a professional training centre for journalism in Yaounde. In 1982, the name changed to ASMAC, Cameroonian, though the school still opened their doors to foreign students.

ASMAC since its creation has had six Directors, Prof Alice being the sixth, who has led the institution since 2021. The school currently runs both undergraduate and masters programmes in diverse fields relating to communication.

By Sandrine M.

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