Yaounde VI: Mayor, Staff Disinfect Acasias Market to Curb Spread of Cholera

By Judithpride Nkwanda

The Mayor of Yaounde VI, Yoki Onana Jacques together with staff of the council have disinfected Acasias market, in Biyem-Assi in a bid to curb the spread of cholera. This exercise proceeds the mayor’s release on May 16, that ordered for the market to be closed and disinfected this Friday May 19.

Mayor Yoki in the process of disinfection

According to the mayor, the rise in cholera cases in Yaounde spurred the cleaning of the market. “For some time now, we have had the resurgence of cholera in Yaounde and Yaounde VI was not left out reasons we had to take actions.” The mayor said.

Yaounde VI Mayor and team at Acasias Market

Mayor Yoki added that although the decision to close the market was not welcomed by the traders, the disinfection process was a necessity. “The decision to close the market was one not very pleasing to merchants but then our lives should come before all other economic activities. We came up with this initiative to render our service in disinfecting the market so as to contribute in eliminating the cholera epidemic.”

After the disinfection process, Mayor Yoki Onana stated that Acasias market was just a starting point for the disinfection process and that other markets will follow in due time. He continued by calling on the population to maintain WHO hygienic measures in fighting the cholera epidemic while reminding traders to avoid selling foodstuff on the ground and drinks from doubtful origin.

Shops in Acasias remained closed as disinfection process was ongoing

An onlooker at the scene of disinfection expressed his satisfaction. “This act by the Mayor is a good one. We are happy when we see things like this especially seeing the mayor do the work himself. However we are hoping that the council also makes available community taps for their citizens” Marcel told Insight244.

With the rising cases of cholera in Yaounde, it is hoped that the disinfection process together with other barrier measures that have been recommended, curb the spread and why not bring the epidemic to an end in the region.

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